"Nanhe Kadam: Two hindi words that literally mean 'small steps' and more perceptively, represent our cause and driving force - 'small significant steps' of deserving children. The name symbolises the importance of seemingly small steps in realization of a big difference. We wish to encourage these small steps forward in this huge universe of possibility."

Project Nanhe Kadam (registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860. You can view the Registration of Society certificate here) was established by a group of students with an aim to support the health and education of disadvantaged children at villages in Punjab and Haryana. Having made significant contribution in the healthcare of village children by helping conduct periodic check-ups and health camps, the organization has now expanded activities to providing education to disadvantaged children through 'child sponsorship' programmes, volunteer teaching activities at village schools, and material support in the form of uniforms, clothes, notebooks, school bags, etc. In addition to running our activities through a dedicated team of volunteers, we seek opportunities to contribute in new ways by undertaking joint programmes and development projects with other NGOs, schools and social organizations. Please visit the Activities link for more details on our activities.